• Kingstate is continuously strengthening R&D capabilities and providing customers professional and practical technical support from design to manufacturing.


  • As a professional sound solution manufacuturer, Kingstate has been producing sound components and bluetooth headphones for diverse industries and OEM/OEM/JDM brands. We also keep implementing automation in manufacturing for cost reduction, productivity increase and reliability improvement.


  • We believe that quality starts from design.
  • Good quality comes from the strict control of all details. We’re proud of our total quality management system and we can achieve our quality goals without compromise.



  • Kingstate has been certificated IATF16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, etc and built a strict quality management system to ensure product quality. We're also consistently making improvement in quality control to meet customer's requirements and environmental friendliness.
  • Professional voice & audio quality lab - providing voice and audio quality test and pre-qualification for all kinds of voice-assistant and communication platform.


  • Acoustic measurement and simulation - Our advanced acoustic engineering system comes with KLIPPEL analyzer and COMSOL simulator shortens project schedule and minimizes cost.


Non-use of restricted substances statement (RoHS/REACH)

RoHS & REACH (Download)