KECG5042WB-G08KECG5042WB-G08 Ф6.0x 5.0 -42+/-3dB
Published in Omnidirectional
KECG2738WBJ-60LKECG2738WBJ-60L Ф8.1x 3.5 -26+/-2dB
Published in Omnidirectional
KEAG6538PF-KAKEAG6538PF-KA Φ9.7x6.5 -38+/-3dB
Published in Omnidirectional
KECG2738PBJ-AKECG2738PBJ-A Ф8.1x 3.5 -26+/-2dB
Published in Omnidirectional
KEKG2747TBX-KMKEKG2747TBX-KM Ф6.0x2.7 -47+/-3dB
Published in Unidirectional
KERG2748TBX-KMKERG2748TBX-KM Ф6.0x2.7 -48+/-3dB
Published in Noise Cancelling
KEIG6535TB-KM1KEIG6535TB-KM1 Ф14.0x6.5 -35+/-3dB
Published in High S/N R
KEAG6535TB-KMKEAG6535TB-KM Φ14.0x6.5 -35+/-3dB
Published in High S/N R
KEIG6334TB-KNKEIG6334TB-KN Ф25.0x6.3 -34+/-3dB
Published in High S/N R
KEAG4534TBL-SNKEAG4534TBL-SN Φ9.7x4.5 -34+/-3dB
Published in Omnidirectional
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