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Recruiting Procedures

  • Please email or mail your resume to us. Your resume will be summarized Kingstate human resource database and matched with any vacancy. The processing time for data filing and interview arrangement takes about 2-5 days. Please wait for further notice. If you are qualified, we would actively email or call you to arrange interviews. After sending out your resume or interviewing, you would receive a notice from us within 2 weeks. If not, that means your profile has been kept in our database and we would contact you in the future if any job opening fits you.


Kingstate Electronics Corp. has an employee learning & training policy on conducting all training courses and the purposes of each program are to cultivate all levels of staff, to inspire their working capabilities than to achieve job goals. In order to ensure training efficiency, our training system includes an employment induction package, proficient job training, project management courses, intern leadership programs, and EMBA advance studies, etc. Furthermore, Kingstate believes the best way of bringing up internal talents, maintaining product quality, and improving working effectiveness is by its integral learning & training structure; it is also expected to gain customers’ trust and to accomplish the future excellence for the company itself, the employees, the shareholders, and the clients.


  • Birthday Activity, Birthday Gift, Gift Vouchers for Three Major Festivals
  • Subsidy for Matrimonial, Married and Funeral Occasions
  • Domestic and Oversea Traveling Subsidy
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Employee Insurance, AdministrativeEmergency Fund
  • Annual Bonus
  • Resignation Pay
  • Labor Insurance with Minimum Compulsory Pension Fund
  • Labor Physical Checkup
  • Year-end party