4.1 Resonance frequency simulation

Whether it is a Piezo buzzer or Magnetic buzzer, a resonant chamber or cavity is needed to increase the SPL of the product itself. Let's use a guitar for example: if the guitar has only strings without the body, it would be difficult to hear the sound. The sound is amplified through a resonating body.

The chamber is a fundamental part of the buzzers. Strings create multiple frequencies while playing the guitar. However, the buzzer usually only has a single frequency (ex. 3.2KHz) that would be performing highest SPL as a peak. The frequency we want relates to the chamber we design.

Kingstate has been designing and customizing the chamber and sound cavity to meet customer's requirement efficiently. In the past, we need to make a mockup and do the experiment to get test results; and now, we have advanced software directly using 3D model to make the simulation without physical sample. It helps greatly reduce the costs and save time.

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