• Pressure acoustic

    Pressure acoustic

    A method which is able to quickly evaluate the performance of a receiver in the pressure field of IEC 318 standard can be built by COMSOL Multiphysics. The IEC 318 standard is the type 1 artificial ear which is defined for simulating the acoustic load of the human ear under no leakage conditions and its frequency bandwidth of application is from 100Hz to 4KHz. The sound pressure level and impedance versus frequencies in pressure field can be calculated in advance to see if there are the requirements need to be achieved.

  • VoIP phone

    VoIP phone

    VoIP is a more advanced and reliably emerging technology for communication, replacing traditional communication is an irreversible trend. VoIP is integrating the Internet and traditional communication technologies daily life. Kingstate also has powerful simulation technology to help customers analyze and improve their products. According to the application conditions and needs of customers' products, Kingstate can complete the design from the selection of speakers and the appearance of the speaker-box.

  • Optimizing leakages

    Optimizing leakages

    The virtual reality once again takes people’s attention, and there comes more hot topics about Metaverse recently. Acoustic designs for a virtual reality device usually involve pressure or near field acoustics. Here is an example of near field to reveal how to extend the bass for such kind of small speaker via designing the proper leakages on its enclosure.