• Resonance frequency simulation

    Resonance frequency simulation

    Whether it is a Piezo buzzer or Magnetic buzzer, a resonant chamber or cavity is needed to increase the SPL of the product itself. Let's use a guitar for example: if the guitar has only strings without the body, it would be difficult to hear the sound. The sound is amplified through a resonating body.

  • The structure of sound hole

    The structure of sound hole

    The sound hole design will also affect the frequency and SPL (but the chamber design still must be a priority step). There are several points for designing sound hole: The larger sound hole will make the frequency higher, and the smaller one will make the frequency lower. When the sound hole is not in the middle of the buzzer, the frequency will be shifting lower. SPL will get lower if sound hole is designed to be different shapes rather than a circle type.

  • Side sound hole design

    Side sound hole design

    The product design of the side sound hole structure comes from customer's ID requirements. If the customer doesn't want an obvious sound hole on the front panel or ID, the side sound hole products will be the best choice.

  • Waterproof buzzer

    Waterproof buzzer

    Buzzers used for outdoor applications always require certain waterproof or IP-rating feature. We design waterproof products by various methods. For instance, KPEG2000 series are structured a water retaining mechanism and special coating to block out water.

  • Buzzers for smoke alarm

    Buzzers for smoke alarm

    UL-217 performance requirements of smoke alarm define the SPL needs to achieve at least 85dB@3M with frequency no higher than 3.5KHz. People can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20Hz ~ 20 kHz and most sensitive range is 2KHz ~ 5KHz, but we lose some high-frequency sensitivity as we mature. Seniors may not hear the alarm if the frequency is too high.

  • Multi-tone and medical buzzer

    Multi-tone and medical buzzer

    A multi-tone buzzer creates different sound signatures or frequencies. For example, A multi-tone buzzer can be installed car’s dashboard using different frequencies and pulses to alter the warning beeps in varied scenarios.