ADAS Burglar Alarm Car Reversing Aid Tracking Device
Hands-free PND/GPS Speed Detector TPMS
  • Piezo Buzzer

KMTG1303-1, KPEG116/163/169 ,KPEG202T-1/222H/224H KPEG262/263/267/276H, KPEG350HW series, KPEG1600 series

  • Magnetic Buzzer

KSSGH5B43-HQ, KSSG23J12/3108, KSTG series , KTG1212 series, KXG series

  • Speaker

KASG1510 series, KDMG20/26/28/36 series, KDSG37045 series

  • ECM

KEEG1342SBL-C (SMD),  KECG10/15/22/27 series

  • Speaker Module & Mic Module

All items can be designed and manufactured according to specific structures and requirements 

  • Other Customized items