1.1 Magnetic circuit

A proper design of magnetic circuit is one of the most important points for developing a successful speaker, because it directly impacts the sensitivities and cost. Using a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool to find out the optimized structure of arranging magnets and low carbon steels could effectively save times and costs. All parameters we need are able to be verified before making the real samples.

Kingstate has plenty of experiences on building the simulation models via COMSOL Multiphysics. The calculations will not be limited by only round shape that because of 2D axial symmetry.

The calculated results can be analyzed not only the force factor (BL) but also the distributions of magnetic flux density. And to figure out the areas where can be cut away without losing any performance in the projects which needs to save spaces.

To make sure the magnetic flux is concentrated and flow to the correct directions, so the voice coil can be placed on the perfect rest position.

This also related to the distortion which will be influenced by the symmetry and asymmetry of force factor (BL) when the voice coil moves front and back.

The optimized rest position of voice coil and the perfect structure of magnetic circuit can lead to a low distortion of speaker. So high sensitivities and controlled distortion are rely on high BL and the symmetry of BL versus coil displacement, those all are able to be verified in advance by building the simulation models.