1.4 Polar plot

The smart speaker is a quickly growing business in the current market of consumer electronic products in recent years. The most ID designs have a cylinder with a down-firing speaker that tries to radiate and spread sounds evenly in a 360-degree-spatial effect to satisfy a single or multiple users who will move around in home. The array microphones with a proper algorithm are the same concept to receive the sound from users. The geometry of diffuser and the distance between diffuser and speaker's diaphragm will influence how are the sounds spread out and radiated in the environment.

Applying COMSOL Multiphysics (Finite Element Analysis tool) to build a simulation model then predict the Polar Plot of the spreading sound which is guided from an optimized diffuser in front of speaker.

Generating the speaker in rated power then selects a frequency to see the Sound Pressure Level spread out and radiate in the environment.

Selecting the surrounding axis and the frequencies which you would like to analyze the Polar Plot .

To analyze another surrounding axis .

Kingstate is able to suggest effective solutions to increase the sound pressure level if there is a specific frequency would like to be improved. Building the simulation models to compare the performance between original and improved diffusers, all improvements can be verified before making real samples.

In this case, our customer would like to increase the loudness at 6 KHz, the simulation results confirm that the improvement works.