• Resonance frequency simulation

    Resonance frequency simulation

    Whether it is a Piezo buzzer or Magnetic buzzer, a resonant chamber or cavity is needed to increase the SPL of the product itself. Let's use a guitar for example: if the guitar has only strings without the body, it would be difficult to hear the sound. The sound is amplified through a resonating body.

  • Receiving path Fr Simulation

    Receiving path Fr Simulation

    KINGSTATE has COMSOL Multiphysics Software & High-Speed workstations. In the early stage of product development, the 3D/Rubber holder/Microphone parameters of the mechanism of the product can be input the COMSOL system to simulate the frequency response of the microphone's tunnel path. In the COMSOL system, you need to set the Microphone/Rubber holder and related parameters. After the setting finish, the COMSOL will start to calculate the result. (Fig.1.1~1.4). If the simulation curve does not reach the expected value, you can go back to the 3D model to correct the size and simulate the frequency response again. And then, you will have several different frequency response curves that can analyze on the computer and optimized frequency response curves that can be found. After that, make the mockup of the samples according to the best model. And assembly the model to measurement to verify if it complies with the COMSOL simulation curve. If not, adjust the 3D or model to be consistent with the simulation. In the end, it could be delivered to the customer for verification until they make a mold. Use COMSOL to save the time of the experiment. Also, submit the simulation results to customers for reference in advance.

  • Pressure acoustic

    Pressure acoustic

    A method which is able to quickly evaluate the performance of a receiver in the pressure field of IEC 318 standard can be built by COMSOL Multiphysics. The IEC 318 standard is the type 1 artificial ear which is defined for simulating the acoustic load of the human ear under no leakage conditions and its frequency bandwidth of application is from 100Hz to 4KHz. The sound pressure level and impedance versus frequencies in pressure field can be calculated in advance to see if there are the requirements need to be achieved.

  • Magnetic circuit

    Magnetic circuit

    A proper design of magnetic circuit is one of the most important points for developing a successful speaker, because it directly impacts the sensitivities and cost. Using a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool to find out the optimized structure of arranging magnets and low carbon steels could effectively save times and costs. All parameters we need are able to be verified before making the real samples.

  • The structure of sound hole

    The structure of sound hole

    The sound hole design will also affect the frequency and SPL (but the chamber design still must be a priority step). There are several points for designing sound hole: The larger sound hole will make the frequency higher, and the smaller one will make the frequency lower. When the sound hole is not in the middle of the buzzer, the frequency will be shifting lower. SPL will get lower if sound hole is designed to be different shapes rather than a circle type.

  • VoIP phone

    VoIP phone

    VoIP is a more advanced and reliably emerging technology for communication, replacing traditional communication is an irreversible trend. VoIP is integrating the Internet and traditional communication technologies daily life. Kingstate also has powerful simulation technology to help customers analyze and improve their products. According to the application conditions and needs of customers' products, Kingstate can complete the design from the selection of speakers and the appearance of the speaker-box.

  • Rubber holder Design

    Rubber holder Design

    The microphone is a sensitive component, it usually is placed between the PCB and the panel. It needs to be closely matched with the panel and airtight buffer material to ensure that the sound will only enter the microphone diaphragm from the microphone sound hole, and not enter the microphone from other paths. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the diameter and length of the receiving tunnel to avoid resonance frequency falling within the working frequency range. Therefore, besides the basic characteristics of the microphone. To achieve the best microphone record characteristics of the product, the rubber holder also will be one of the important parts. The material of the rubber holder will also affect the sound insulation characteristics. Generally, we will choose Shore 50A for the silicon rubber holder. In addition to the better airtightness, it can also absorb the vibration and noise conducted by the housing or PCB. While given appropriate interference force to the rubber ring. It could meet the airtightness requirement at >15dBSPL.

  • Driver study

    Driver study

    Force factor (BL), the mass (weight) of moving parts, the stiffness of cone and the compliance of suspension system, all these parameters shape how a speaker sounds like. An obvious requirement, for example, high sensitivity, deep bass or low distortion… etc. will give the direction for driver design or the modifications to fine tune. Driver designers first arrange the key parameter and later balance with others to come out the qualified speakers.

  • Side sound hole design

    Side sound hole design

    The product design of the side sound hole structure comes from customer's ID requirements. If the customer doesn't want an obvious sound hole on the front panel or ID, the side sound hole products will be the best choice.

  • Mic airtight structure design

    Mic airtight structure design

    The key to tightly matching the microphone rubber holder and the mechanism is a rubber ring. It can avoid receiving the pressure wave signal from the internal speaker of the product, which causes the DSP to process AEC poorly and makes the product have too many sounds during the phone calls. The echo or distortion phenomenon will decrease the communication quality. Therefore, to achieve airtightness of the rubber ring, the product structure must also give a certain pressure, so the rubber ring can fully interfere with the panel to achieve broadband airtight isolation performance. The AEC test items could pass easier when doing voice quality testing.

  • Optimizing leakages

    Optimizing leakages

    The virtual reality once again takes people’s attention, and there comes more hot topics about Metaverse recently. Acoustic designs for a virtual reality device usually involve pressure or near field acoustics. Here is an example of near field to reveal how to extend the bass for such kind of small speaker via designing the proper leakages on its enclosure.

  • Waterproof buzzer

    Waterproof buzzer

    Buzzers used for outdoor applications always require certain waterproof or IP-rating feature. We design waterproof products by various methods. For instance, KPEG2000 series are structured a water retaining mechanism and special coating to block out water.