3.1 Receiving path Fr Simulation

KINGSTATE has COMSOL Multiphysics Software & High-Speed workstations. In the early stage of product development, the 3D/Rubber holder/Microphone parameters of the mechanism of the product can be input the COMSOL system to simulate the frequency response of the microphone's tunnel path. In the COMSOL system, you need to set the Microphone/Rubber holder and related parameters. After the setting finish, the COMSOL will start to calculate the result. (Fig.1.1~1.4). If the simulation curve does not reach the expected value, you can go back to the 3D model to correct the size and simulate the frequency response again.

Fig.1.1 Structural section of Mic + Rubber holder +Bezel

And then, you will have several different frequency response curves that can analyze on the computer and optimized frequency response curves that can be found. After that, make the mockup of the samples according to the best model. And assembly the model to measurement to verify if it complies with the COMSOL simulation curve. If not, adjust the 3D or model to be consistent with the simulation. In the end, it could be delivered to the customer for verification until they make a mold.

Fig.1.2 Build mesh

Use COMSOL to save the time of the experiment. Also, submit the simulation results to customers for reference in advance.

Fig.1.3 Simulation Curve
Fig.1.4 Measurement Fr curve